Examine.com Research Digest is ready to launch

Examine.com has given you their industry leading supplement guide which fitness industry experts have used and commended as the premier source for independent analysis of what supplements are worth it, which ones aren’t and how to take them for optimal effectiveness.

If you are not that familiar with the supplement stack guides, take a look here and see for yourself here what people like Eric Cressey, Alan Aragon and Dr. Jose Antonio have to say about Examine.com.

Examine.com does not sell supplements nor do they take money from any supplement company, they are as independent as it gets with this information.

Now they are taking their credibility one step further with the Examine.com Research Digest.

What the hell is the ERD (that is the abbreviation I will use. Yea I am saying it because someone is bound to ask what the hell does ERD mean)?

Imagine looking at scientific literature or studies as a trainer. I want you to imagine that you may not have a college education or know exactly how to sift through the information to determine if this is relevant to you, how to use it, how to read it or how to even interpret it.

You have to understand scientific information isn’t always written with the layman in mind, it is written for the purpose of having “their own” read it and everyone else interpreting it.

This is where ERD comes in.

They assembled a crack team (partially stolen quote from Anchorman) of expert researchers, reviewers, writers and editors who are all well-educated in their fields – we are talking advanced degrees here, kids – to go through this information for you, review it, compare it and give you the scoop without all the snobby scientific jargon you may not know. They keep the scientific integrity of the study intact while putting the information presented to you, the fitness professional, in language that you can understand clearly.

This will help you to see if this is something you can use to better the service you provide to your clients and also use to better your own training.

Some of which you can expect to see is:

1. ERD gives you context on the latest research. It’s not just “this study said X and Y and didn’t cover Z.” It’s written in easily accessible language which lets you quickly key in on the implications of the study and get a thorough understanding of the process. It tells you what the big picture is. Why it MATTERS.

2. ERD is not a one man or two man or even three man operation. We have 5 researchers, 4 editors, and 7 reviewers. It’s a panel you can trust – you won’t find that kind of depth and breadth of expertise in one place.

3. ERD is professional and clean. It’s amazing how much people respond to how well put together it is.

4. ERD is for professional development. If you want to stick out from the pack, you have to keep learning, you have to keep being educated. ERD makes it a LOT easier to stay up with the latest research.

5. ERD is also available as audio MP3 files. A lot of people told us they didn’t have time – now you can stay on top of the latest research during your drive to work or any other time you can listen.

6. ERD gives you access to a private Facebook Group, allowing you to discuss the reviews and interact with hundreds of your well respected peers and the team members of Examine.com.

7. ERD is delivered in an easily downloadable pdf or ePub format, allowing you to access it via your desktop computer, eReader, tablet, or mobile device.

I use this service because I value the information provided by ERD. I know the team is highly respected and take pride in their work as experts in their fields.

Education is imperative, we often do not have the time to sift through studies on our own while managing our own business. Maybe you are that lifter or trainee who wants to learn as much as you can even if you aren’t actively involved in training others.

This service is for you.

With all the information about fitness, strength, health, supplements, nutrition, etc. that is out there why should you have to take all the extra time to read what isn’t relevant? Let ERD do the heavy leg work for you while you reap the benefits of their expertise.

Check out Examine.com Research Digest and see what it’s all about.



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