WWJAD – My personal training template and macros explained

You are one of the handfuls of people that read this blog, whether for entertainment or the occasional training bit. I post my daily workouts and I am transparent about those. Some of you may actually care what my plan is, how I eat and what the end goal is for this all.

Let’s start with my goal. Right now I have Relentless in a couple weeks so that is my sole focus.

Once that is over, I am taking on a serious blend of shit for my training. Running, bodyweight, bodybuilding and powerlifting. I want to stay around 255-265 in bodyweight because I just feel better bigger (but leaner) and make myself a little more versatile in the upcoming months and years.

Let’s break down the basic training ideas that I am going to be working with first, shall we?


  • Day of rest and cardio. Cardio is teaching my asshole dog how to jog with me, because running sucks and I want a buddy to run with.


  • Hamstrings – a curl variation; seated, laying, bands, DB or bands
  • Jumps – some sort of explosive jumping
    • Doing these after hamstrings because the first hamstring movement will be my warmup to the rest of the session
  • Quad – leg press, hack squat, SSB squat or front squat
    • I will be avoiding back squats for a while since they seem to cause my disk issues to flare up more than any other squat movement
  • Quad – choose another
  • Unilateral – Lunge variations
  • Hamstring stretching movement – RDL, SLDL… something to stretch them out under a load
  • Calves – seated, leg press, standing, bodyweight, etc.


  • Chest and shoulders
    • The selection will change from week to week. Some weeks I will focus primarily on strength. Some weeks I will do strength with bodyweight exercises as accessory work. Some weeks I will do bodybuilding style training and some weeks I will combine them all. This is a “by feel” day since I am currently dealing with some shoulder issues that I am working out.


  • Repeat Sunday. Force the dog to do more cardio with me, deal with her looks of death and “I hate you daddy” stares.


  • Deadlift – oh yes, fuck yes.
  • Chinups – grip variations and sets/reps variations. I am determined to get my one set max to about 20 one day. Which I will be happy with at my bodyweight.
  • Back – some rowing of some sort, probably t-bar, barbell or DB. I mean what the fuck else am I going to row with?
  • Lumbar – Reverse Hypers, 45 degree extensions or even a hip thrust.
  • Squat – either goblets, light front squats for reps or high rep air squats
  • Bike work – hit up the spin room solo for some cycle sprints


  • Biceps and triceps – bliss….. sets/reps and exercises will vary. I mean these are arms, right? Bitches love arms.


  • Repeat Sunday/Wednesday with a long walk instead of jog. Pup needs a break, yep.

This, of course, is up to my discretion as far as layout and exercises but you get the general idea.

I can pull heavy and bench heavy (once I get my shoulder healed up fully) but heavy squatting will take a back seat because I am not willing to keep being put through pain with heavy shit on my back.

If I keep competing, it will be push/pulls, but I want to make sure my training encompasses an element of versatility to it which has been lacking for the past few years.

As far as nutrition goes I follow a macro based plan. I have no delusions of being some fucking fitness model, nor would I ever want that. I don’t care about having abz, but I like being lean and I like having some swole. I like being larger than the average bear and I like the flexibility to be able to enjoy a piece of shit meal every once in a while.

I set it up using the RP Diet book as the framework, but amazingly enough it was already real close to what I was doing before! I am a fucking genius, or just lucky.

Here is the plan:

Total Calories4040Total Calories2750
% of Carbs47%% of Carbs19%
% of Protein26%% of Protein39%
% of Fat27%% of Fat43%

The first line of macros are the training macros, the second line is rest days.

I only have one thing to add with that, I fucking hate lower carb days. I mean a sheer hatred of them, so if you are around me on those days I apologize in advance.

Feel free to ask questions.


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