The Renaissance Periodization Diet Book Review

The RP book is the first offering from the team at Renaissance Periodization. They are unique where they have a staff solely made up of people who have their PhD’s in exercise or nutrition related fields. They have been taking the nutrition world by storm with their client results and their dedication to the science of nutrition.

If you haven’t hired these guys to do a diet plan for you, or you cannot afford it (and let’s face it, nutrition coaching isn’t cheap because it is highly customized. I have seen their plans and they are very good), you are in luck because this book will help you in all aspects of setting up your own eating plan, why to do it, how and when to eat.

This book is written by Mike Israetel, Jen Case and Pat Hoffman. All three are college professors which should tell you the depth of the knowledge inside of this book.

The book’s chapters are:

Foreword: A Guide and Starting Point
Chapter 1: The Dieting Principles and What They Mean
Chapter 2: Calorie Balance
Chapter 3: Macronutrients
Chapter 4: Nutrient Timing
Chapter 5: Food Composition
Chapter 6: Supplements
Chapter 7: Micronutrients and Water
Chapter 8: Nutritional Periodization
Chapter 9: Designing Your Diet
Chapter 10: Common Diet Myths and Fads
Closing: Using the Diet Principles to your Advantage
Chapter 11: BONUS “Trinity” Powerlifting Templates

In each of these chapters the authors go into great detail to explain the science behind this plan, how to implement it and how to set it up for your needs.

The only complaint I have with the setup is the fact they don’t tell you how to find your own BMEE, they offer a chart which may or may not be exact, but I will be real here and say if that is the only complaint I have about this book, that is pretty damn good.

Stuff you will learn about their plan is as follows:

  • How carbs, fats and proteins work in your body
  • What carbs to eat when and why
  • A primer on the GI index of carbs
  • Why fiber is critical
  • Setting up your meal plan to account for hard workouts, moderate ones and rest days
  • The optimal amount of protein you should be consuming
  • The types of fats in a diet and how much of each you want to eat
  • Supplement suggestions which are backed with reasons why and not shit they sell
  • When nutrient timing is important
  • How to periodize your nutrition plan for long term success
  • Lifestyle considerations for your eating plan
  • Dietary myths and fads explained
  • A sample lifting template
  • ALL the important nutrition shit is referenced and hyperlinked with studies for the people that need it

This book is about as complete of a nutrition book you will need without adding recipes. I have read it three times so far and I am still learning something each time from it. Setting up your initial plan takes some work but it is well worth the time and effort for something that is critical for optimizing your performance and physique.

I would recommend getting your bodyfat accurately measured and perhaps doing a Bodpod to more accurately find your BMEE instead of just relying on a chart or a formula. After all it is your body, not someone else’s.

If you can’t do that, or won’t, go by the chart in the book and tweak as needed.

I don’t care if you like these guys, hate them, like Juggernaut or hate them, I receive no money for my reviews and I don’t expect favors for doing one. As a coach/trainer I like to keep people informed of quality products on the market and this is definitely one of them.

The idea is to learn how to eat and if you want to do it yourself and you can hold yourself accountable to it, this IS the book for you.

Buy it here – – it is only 37 bucks so don’t bitch about it being too expensive. Suck it up and pay for it if you think it will help you.

Good luck and enjoy a quality book by extremely intelligent coaches.



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One thought on “The Renaissance Periodization Diet Book Review

  1. Does the book talk about the differences between gaining and losing weight and how this is optimally achieved in a cyclical manner? We know that eating less calories will help to lose weight and eating more calories can help build more muscle, but are there more details provided on how to do this in the best way?


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