Almost everything you need to know about training in one post

This is a compilation of short thoughts and experiences I have noticed throughout my years of training for sport, training to get stronger, bigger, faster, leaner and training a wide variety of clients. I will have missed some, some you won’t agree with 100%, but you will probably nod your head yes to almost all of these and maybe learn a little more.

  1. Every good program works when you do two things: Utilize it properly and fuel your body effectively.
  2. Using a mediocre program to the best of your ability means you get mediocre results by not using a better program. Hard training isn’t the be all end all of results, smart training is.
  3. Nutrition is a science, that science depends on what foods you can eat, which ones are easily digestible for you and optimal timing of nutrients. For most people, a well balanced diet is enough. The further you progress in your goals, the more the little things matter.
  4. Cardio isn’t necessary to lose fat, but it is necessary for good conditioning, a healthy heart and aerobic capacity.
  5. Testing your strength and building strength are two different concepts. Just as you wouldn’t jump into a ring to fight without training, you shouldn’t test your strength without building it.
  6. The calf muscles are made up of both slow and fast twitch fibers. The gastroc muscle is fast twitch and the soleus is slow twitch. Knowing how to train them will help you go from skinny calves to not so skinny calves, barring genetic limitations.
  7. Not everyone needs to do a barbell squat, but everyone should be able to pick a barbell up from the floor safely.
  8. Corrective exercises are very effective when incorporated into the training instead of just a warm-up.
  9. “Core” work is most effective doing stability exercises like planks, ab roll outs, stir the pot, leg raises and TRX rollouts.
  10. Overhead pressing builds strong shoulders, but targeted isolation work builds the delt muscles.
  11. 1 gram per pound of lean mass is the baseline for all protein intake. More isn’t always better.
  12. The back is the key to everything. It supports all major lifts and will allow you to stay stronger as you age.
  13. Sport training doesn’t always mean “get stronger”. Strength is one component of a total package that includes speed, mobility, endurance and agility. Neglect one for too long and you will not maximize your athletic ability.
  14. Training to get bigger and/or stronger is the easiest thing to train for. You have one goal but yet people still mess it up daily.
  15. Calories in and calories out is the basis of an effective diet plan, but not the entire plan. If you follow a fad diet and assume you can eat as much as you want because you are low carb, you are missing the point.
  16. There are three supplements that everyone needs to take if they are training hard: Fish Oil, Magnesium and Vitamin D. The rest are debatable and completely dependent on your individual needs.
  17. 95% of people just want to look better and feel better, they don’t all care about being the strongest or the biggest. Keep that in mind if you are a trainer.
  18. There are dozens and dozens of ways to train each bodypart. You can get a comprehensive workout with the bare basics just the same as you can in a fully equipped gym. Excuses are excuses.
  19. The bigger and stronger you get, the more you need to keep shoulder health a priority. Weak external rotation is a recipe for disaster.
  20. CrossFit has been the best thing to happen to the training industry in years. Because of their growth, more and more independent gyms are able to support a business and be exposed to a wide variety of methods.
  21. Extreme results demands extreme training. If you want to compete in anything, be prepared to make sacrifices in health and life. Competition is fun, but it is not always physically or mentally healthy.
  22. As you get older three things happen: You need to eat less, you need to move more and you need to rest more. You can still have great results following those three things, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do what you did 20 years ago, adapt.
  23. The smartest coaches and trainers aren’t afraid to say “I don’t know, let me find out for you” or “I can’t do that, let me refer you to someone who can”.

How many can you add to this list?


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2 thoughts on “Almost everything you need to know about training in one post

  1. Bodyweight exercises are great movement enhancers and base strength builders. Look at strength, explosiveness, and range of motion gymnasts have. These tend to be over looked and under rated.


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