10-14-2014 Training

Still dealing with the tweaked shoulder, the pain is pretty much gone but the pulling sensation is still there when lifting.

Right now the plan is lighter weights, a lot of bodybuilding work and dedicated rotation work in my warmup to get those fixed up before I start pushing pounds back up.

It was a ticking timebomb and I got lucky this time, don’t want there to be a next time if I can avoid it.

Cable crossover
50 x 3 x 15

Stretch hard and a flex for each rep.

Db bench

55 x 4 x 20
First set pulled some, each one felt looser and looser. Controlled each rep for about a 3ct down and 2ct up.

Controlling the reps like this helped and I was able to get some work in, light as fuck, but work.

Smith incline
135 x 10
185 x 3 x 10

Stopped one inch above chest and 1″ from lockout for continuous tension.

Push ups

Strive Machine laterals
90 x 3 x 12
70 x 2 x 12

If I have to explain this machine to you, Google it.

Rear cable fly
35 x 3 x 15

On the cable crossover stack, these kind of suck.

Cuban press
10 x 3 x 10

Pain in the ass going this light, but…. kind of necessary for now.


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