10-13-2014 Training

135 x 4
225 x 3
315 x 3
405 x 2
495 x 2
545 x 1
595 x 1

Hook grip makes these start off slower from the floor but I am happy that I am able to keep pushing the weight back up with no pain in my lower back doing these. 595 was a solid stop today, moved smooth and moderately fast for a slow fuck.

Speed DL bullshit
315 x 5 x 2

Doubled over mini bands.

SSB Squat
250 x 4 x 6

First time squatting since my back decided to be a dirty whore again. The plan for squatting is reps only and I am starting off with some easy shit to keep my form solid and gradually ease back into it. I will not be squatting for 1-3 max effort/heavy reps again. Reps will always stay in the 6-10 range with the occasional masochistic deviation into 15-20+ reps if I hate myself that day.

SSB Upper Back Good Mornings
250 x 3 x 20

45 Degree Hypers
50 total reps

Seated Calf Raises
90 x 3 x 15

Calves for the fact that I have shitty calves and want them to be a step above shitty.


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