Relentless is soon

I hesitate often to put my training blog up full-time because I don’t always like to talk about my training. I prefer to focus on other things and let the finished product show by actions and appearances rather than words. I enjoyed putting up the bodybuilding-style log because it was a different style for me and I enjoyed it greatly.

With Relentless approaching, I could honestly care less how much I lift at the meet. When asked by people what my goals are, I always reply with “to raise money and not get hurt”. My days of being even close to an elite lifter passed me a while ago when I made the decision not to push myself past a certain point with regards to what my body can handle.

I have played violent sports, football and rugby, for a large part of my life, I have competed in Strongman and loved it more than I could ever love PL. To me Strongman is the quintessential strength sport, it is the ultimate test of how strong you are in various tasks. It can’t be duplicated with a barbell, it is just a primal sport.

As the meet approaches I find myself in a familiar situation that has been common since my last Strongman contest and push/pull in 2010. The back issues.

I have L5/S1 issues that pop up whenever I squat heavy for an extended period of time, as I get older I start to get annoyed with the aggravation more and more. The L5 is herniated and I have other disks in my lumbar region that show signs of arthritis. I think a lot of us in this game will be able to say the same thing, and it gets exponentially worse as you get older.

This isn’t a “poor me” situation, this is the result of playing contact sports and pushing my body to the limit for an extended period of time. Shit breaks, shit gets twisted up and shit rips.

Now, I have a meet in a few weeks so that leaves me with a dilemma. Pulling out isn’t an option for me as this is NOT about my goals, it is about the children Relentless helps.

I will compete and do what I can for squat and deadlift. I will not force myself to do a weight that will leave me in more pain and possibly putting me out for an extended period of time. After the meet is over, it is back to bodybuilding-style for a long time to build myself up without further hurting my back.

At points in time in every lifter’s life, who trains hard as hell, you have to face that simple fact that you have to dial it back for an extended period of time.

I preach health over numbers often, I preach a balance of fitness and strength. I always say it isn’t worth killing yourself for a trophy and others may not agree, but that is my philosophy.

When I was younger I would play hurt often, I would lift through serious pain and I would put it all on the line for competition. As I approach 40, in a few weeks, I realize that with each subsequent minor injury it makes it that much harder to recover.

Come the second week of November it will be time to just train others to get stronger and keep myself looking, and feeling, better as I get older.

Break back out the Zubaz and fanny packs then.


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