A mediocre program performed consistently is…..

One of the most erroneous statements that has infiltrated the net in the past few years.

No, it doesn’t make it good, it doesn’t make it better than a great program performed mediocre. It makes it a mediocre program, period.

You are investing your time in the gym and once the “novice effect” wears off you have to rely on hard work and smart programming to keep those goals coming.

Before I continue, I assume you all know what the novice effect is, correct? If you don’t know, it’s very easy.

Take a new program, try it for 8 weeks and see how much better your progress is over the 8 before. Take a new lifter and watch his numbers skyrocket the first few months. That is the novice effect, almost every program on the market will have that effect on you if you never used it before. What makes a good program work is continuing that progress after the initial burst wears off.

There are several programs on the market that do an amazing job of ensuring progress is continual. Luckily for us, those programs are among the most popular available now. We are in a great era of strength training where information is readily available at the touch of a keyboard and we can see results from the people who use those programs rather easily.

This page has such a program for you and I can list a handful of others, off the top of my head, who provide excellent programs.

This makes the blog post title all the more confusing….

When you say “A mediocre program performed consistently is better than a great program performed poorly”, I can’t help but think what if that person who is busting their ass in the gym got their hands on a great program and performed it with the same enthusiasm as that mediocre program?

Don’t let your efforts go to waste, people like me are here to coach, to provide a service and to supply solid programs that people love to use.

I am not the only one, there are a lot more just like me, don’t waste your gym time on mediocrity, find the best program for you and attack it.


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