07-31-2014 Training Day

Still working on keeping my hips from exploding. They are getting better but I am not going to get to real heavy shit until closer to the meet. Speed from the floor is improving at moderate weights and that is good. In past weeks I have been slow off the floor and faster at lockout, lately the pop from the floor is coming along better and that is always a good indication of progress.

135 x 5
225 x 2
275 x 3
315 x 3
365 x 3
405 x 3
465 x 3

Slipped on the last rep and almost fell backwards, but as I said in the beginning, speed from the floor is improving greatly and I want to work more on that before I start to push it up a lot more to prep for the meet. I know I will not be competing at my absolute best and I expect to improve a lot in the months after it, but I will be giving it the best I have at the moment and rebuild what I need to rebuild as it comes. Sumo is still an adjustment, but its better for my back than conventional.

Snatch Grip DL from 3″ blocks
365 x 6
405 x 2 x 6

Why? Glutes, back.

Reverse Hypers
100 x 3 x 20

These are the only things which help my lower back in the gym. Some people hate these, some think they are worthless; I don’t care what others say, they help me.

Chest Supported Rows
90 x 3 x 20

Not a bad day, improvements (as I said), less pain in the hips and working on weak points step by step.

I will compete more after Relentless because I really want to see what I can do once I put it all together.


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