7-20-2014 Training – deload week

After a long internal debate about this, I decided to bring back the training log to my site.

Starting it with my deload week.

Hip Mobility warmups

135 x 4 x 2
225 x 2 x 1
315 x 4 x 1

Working on bringing my hands back in closer for more stability. With them closer together I am tighter, my back is in a better position, I can sit back more comfortably and drive out of the hole faster. After videoing my lifts today, the last set looked beautiful with the position I was in.

Band Pull Through with Heavy Band
3 x 12

If I am to continue to pull sumo, I need to work on my hips harder. I started doing mobility work in the beginning and I need to make sure I am doing enough in my sessions to strengthen them up.

My lower body lifts move slower in progress than my upper body does, but that is because I don’t take the time to work on the little things that make a difference. Now I have to.


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