The direction of Ashman Strength System

I’ve been in gyms since I was in High School. I can remember every single gym I was a member of, stories about them, the people I have met over the years and the asinine shit that I did with my own training.

I label myself as a gym rat, not because I love it that much, but because I need it.

Need to some people with regards to the gym is laughable, but to me its part of who I am. I need my 4-5 days a week of brutality, I need the feeling of pushing myself physically, and I need the relief of the pain it causes when you go far.

There isn’t some mystical bullshit associated with lifting, you are not some soldier trotting off to save the day, you are not some raging beast from a jungle; we are people who improve ourselves. We are dedicated and slightly insane for it.

There is a lot to write about with regards to lifting, strength, physique, nutrition and conditioning but there is a lot more to life than that. I loathe one-sided people with a passion. I hate single-track minds. I hate the gym rat who can’t go out for a night without talking about fucking lifting. When I see a guy out who is flexing for people, I don’t think “wow, he looks great”, I think “wow, what a self-absorbed twit”.

Know what’s funny? I don’t give a fuck about lifting when I am with my friends, I care about living.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean lifting leaves my mind, it just means I have interests in my life outside of thinking about Prilepin, Siff, Yessis, Conjugate and Macros. I have my goals, but I have my life as well.

I find myself increasingly becoming more and more distant with my website because I get tired of talking about training all the time. I don’t care if I have 20 page views or 20,000 views. I write how I write and whoever finds something from it to use; I am glad for that.

My intent isn’t to motivate, my intent is to be realistic. Motivation comes from within you, not from external sources. No amount of blog reading, book reading, meme posting, quote gathering is going to do shit for you unless you want it. Others may disagree, but from my point of view its on your ass to do it.

The way I write is to try to keep it as how I speak to others, albeit with less fuck words.

Expect to see more content soon, more shit other “fitness” blogs don’t talk about and more of me.

I am in the business of selling a product, but that product is sold by one person; not a team of lifters, not a coaching staff. This blog is a population of one and it will always remain that way. Now, you will get more of me.

Interspersed with some training nuggets here and there…..


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