Why should I write a thing?

How many fitness blogs are out there?

Its got to be in the tens of thousands I would guess. Anybody and everybody who thinks they are strong or in shape wants everyone to read their workout logs, their thoughts and influence people.

Let’s face it, most of us are narcissists. You may not want to admit that, but we are. We may want to help people along the way but we still love the attention.

I do to a certain extent, but I am also notoriously self-destructive in that I will push away success before I get it.

So why write a damn thing? I already stopped logging my workouts (at least until my deadline)  and my blogs have been few and far between lately. So why?

Simple… its a beautiful way to get across my own vision of what the training world is.

There are very few original ideas, very few original bloggers and very few new strength concepts.

I can sit here and dig up old training programs I have on my PC from years ago, look at some recent articles and laugh. Things go in cycles and training is no different. What’s old is new, what’s new now will be new 25 years from now again. Its how it is.

So why do I write?

I’m just a strong dude, not one of the strongest, but I’m strong enough. I train people, not for the money but because I want to. I mean if you knew how little I charge people for it, you would call me an asshole. Go ahead, its cool, you can. I am sure 50% of the people out there think I am one as it is, but I am completely ok with that.

I write because I enjoy it. I write because even if nobody reads it, these are still my thoughts. These are still words that I type on a screen to read years later and remember the day that they formed.



I enjoy it.

So with this long ass build-up of some rambling thoughts… I will give you my general ideas of what I think the training world needs.

1. Financial Integrity.

When I see 300 dollar a month group classes, 200 dollar an hour personal trainers, 1000 dollar worthless certs that do not get you shit for CEU’s, etc. I immediately think they are money hungry. I don’t care how nice of a guy you are, when you overprice the market and present yourself as something amazing when you’re not, you’re a snake oil salesman.

2. Training ethics

Personal trainers who fuck their clients, trainers who copy and paste programs from client to client, etc. Its common, it happens. You won’t hear of it too often because there is some crazy idea of omerta in this business where shitty trainers never get exposed unless they squat high on Facebook, and then all the Facebook judges want to blow up their pages about integrity. I rolled my eyes when writing that, you just didn’t see it.

3. Programming ethics

Its cool to borrow ideas from others and incorporate them into something you are using, but when you write programs, articles or books based off of other’s work entirely… now that’s a problem.

4. Accountability

All of the above can be prevented by personal accountability, and that can only be had by being honest with yourself. Let’s face it, in an ego-driven field you are going to get some sociopathic people who could care less about that, don’t be that guy.

I have been called negative by many, which isn’t exactly correct. If you worked with me, trained with me, paid me to write your programs you would know I am one of the most positive people out there. I am just a realist.

We live in a cruel, cruel world. We live in a land where the meek get shit and the strong conquer. Strong doesn’t have to mean unethical, sometimes the strongest thing you can do is to do what is right.


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