Training day 04-29-2014

Bench Press – worked up to a moderate 5

3ct pause bench – 3×6

DB Bench Press – 3×10

Tate Press on a flat bench – 3×12

Band Crossovers with mini band – 3×25. Cable stack I used was all sorts of feeling off. One side was pulling weird so I just got the bands.

Face Pulls supersetted with band pullaparts – 3×20 each. I do these in high volume like this because I am prone to shoulder issues while benching. The last time I was doing dedicated strength work I neglected rear delts and I am not making that same mistake again.

Hammer Curls – 3×12

Bar Speed is improving, weight is slowly going up as is my bodyweight. I am still staying relatively lean as long as I don’t gorge myself on food (which I can do with the best of them).


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