Training day 04-27-2014 – start of the 10/20/Life program

I took a few weeks off from logging for a reason.

I switched up programs a few weeks ago.

I reviewed Brian Carroll’s book 10/20/Life and was impressed enough by it to give it my full focus.

Why when I have my own way, my own book and my own system? Why not? I want to. Brian is a strength specialist and I like the structure of it and his thought process behind it and it helps to have another way to push you to another level.

I gave myself three weeks to readjust myself from bodybuilding-type training to get back into powerlifting-type training.

I have some lofty goals for myself and I hold myself accountable to a few lifters I know personally, so I will not be divulging my numbers in this log for a long time, just what I did and why.

For now, all I want to divulge is my ultimate goal – to be stronger on three lifts, the bench, squat and deadlift.

I suggest buying this book if you want to learn more.

Warmup of Birddogs, rolling planks, McGill situps

Squat – worked up to a moderate set of 5

3ct Pause Squats – did 3×6 with 75% of the bar weight I used for the top set of squats

GHR – 3×10

Leg Press – 3×12 heavy, piston style, not locking out knees

Leg Extensions – 3×12 heavy, toes pointed towards myself with a contraction at the top

Seated Calf Raises – 3×12, 2 count stretch at the bottom, explode up and flex hard at the top

Stir the pot – 45s for one set


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