10/20/Life – A Review

10/20/Life is the first e-book offering from Brian Carroll.

If you don’t know who Brian Carroll is; stop reading for a minute, open a new browser window and type “Brian Carroll powerlifting” in the search box. He is a multiple time world record holder, an EliteFTS sponsored lifter and coaches numerous other lifters, many of whom have set records of their own.

I always harp on the fact that you don’t have to be the best athlete to train people, but here is an example of a coach who is arguably one of the best of the best as well as an excellent, proven Strength Coach.

A good coach learns from their experiences (as the introduction details that from Steve Goggins and Dave Tate), they learn from doing (as he goes into some detail about his experience under the bar), they learn from injury (as Carroll traveled to see Dr. McGill about his severely damaged back) and they learn how to humble themselves to be better (as he says when using incredibly light weights to rebuild his lifting from injury).

A good coach has mentors and people around him that influence them in a positive way, the Acknowledgement section of this book is an all-star list of lifters and nutritionists that have helped him along the way.

Not every coach is privy to this type of networking, some have to seek it out harder, but when you do find it you make the best of it and from what I have seen of his lifting and his clients’ lifting; clearly it worked.

Now, all that is great when you are coaching people online/one-on-one and lifting; but in book form?

That’s a different story and not every coach who can teach people can effectively translate those teachings into the written word to make it easy for everyone else buying into it to learn from.

To make this as simple as possible and to give you a clear idea of what to expect from this book, I will keep it as concise as I can.

Its a book for powerlifters. Not bodybuilders. Its designed to maximize your strength in the squat, bench and deadlift.

It takes you through the process of an off-season, when to rest after a meet, what you can and should be doing after a meet, how to peak, what you should be doing in the gym with your lifts in both offseason and meet prep time, how to warmup (and it doesn’t include the foam rolling cult either), what equipment you need in your gym bag, how to use/when to use reverse bands, ideas for those who train four times a week or three times a week.

He goes into detail by breaking down the lifts and their sticking points and tells you exactly what you will need to fix those points and the exercises you will need to do it.

It lays out a template to follow which includes assistance lifts and a suggested program to follow for both offseason and meet prep. You can literally follow this to the dot from what he lays out in the book for a year-round PL-centric program.

He talks about the mental approach to being a competitive lifter and about the demands on family life. This isn’t whitewashing it as being a competitor is hard work not only for the participant but also their family.

There isn’t some bullshit call to arms, platitudes about being alpha or comparing lifting to being a warrior. Its a straight-forward, professional manual that tells you what to do from step A to step Z to get your ass on the platform and be your strongest.

It isn’t a program that tells you everything, it tells you what you need to do for YOU.

You have to use your head in selecting weak-point lifts, you have to use your head to know what parts of your body need extra work, you have to be realistic, smart and plan. This book helps that process greatly.

Some people cannot coach themselves, some people are interested in a different type of program; and that is fine. There are plenty of other excellent books on the market which will assist you or you can hire a coach to do the work for you. If coaching yourself and doing your own training is something you can do, and you want to be stronger in the big three lifts, you will thoroughly enjoy this.

Its a complete book for anyone who is interested, or actively taking part in, being a competitive powerlifter.

I would tell you that I highly recommend it, but I think you get that drift already. Add it to your library of information.

You can pick up his book here – Power Rack Media

I coach people, and as a coach/trainer I love information that helps me and helps others be better at their chosen craft. Yes, I sell my own book, but that doesn’t mean mine is for everyone.

I don’t receive any money for you buying his book from my site and I don’t give out reviews to pat people on the back, but I have read this book 3 times already since I received it and the amount of information included in it is worth more than what you pay.


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