Training day 03-16-2014 “Garage Strength” Program testing for Brian Scott

Brian asked me to test out his upcoming e-book so I could review it for him.

Of course I said yes because Brian is a solid-ass coach, a good lifter, a good friend and I like his style of training.

That being said, I don’t give a shit if you are my mother, I will be as unbiased as I can with assessing the program from my point of view. If its a winner, I will say it. If it needs work, I will say it…

Day One – Speed Squat day

Pause Squats
135 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 3
275 x 3
300 x 8 x 3

There wasn’t a rest period specified (unless I missed it) so I kept the rest periods for the working sets at 60s.

Reverse Band Squat
365 x 2 with strong bands

The percentage was still a speed set, but with reverse bands attached.

Rest Pause Olympic Squats
225 x 21
205 x 16

He wanted two specific sets of rest/pause work with two RP in each weight. This means essentially you are doing 3 sets with a very short rest with each weight. His instructions were to NOT go to failure in this sets which is a very good idea because I firmly believe you should never reach failure with a barbell on your back (in training) for safety reasons. These sets were very hard after the previous work, and adding the RP to it was a nice little way to get some nasty volume in.

Barbell hip thrusts
315 x 4 x 12

You can never go wrong with a little extra work on the ol’ ass.

Barbell Shrug
315 x 3 x 15

I personally feel chinups or some other back work would be better served than shrugs with this day, and I told him that as I was training. That is just my opinion but I am going to follow this as written.

Seated Calf Machine Raises
135 x 3 x 15

These are NOT in the program, this is my doing.


Bitches love a nice calf.


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