12 hours of contrast

Saturday night, the 15th, was the unofficial party night for a lot of people to celebrate St Patrick’s Day because the official holiday falls on a Monday.

I spent the night working in a bar, as I do every Saturday night, in my side job as a bouncer. I’ve done this job for almost 20 years.

I do it not because I enjoy it, on the contrary I hate working in a bar. I do it because its a nice little chunk of change to make extra and money is always good to have.

I used to drink heavily in my 20’s. I make no apology for that, and no excuses. At some point in my life I decided to grow up, put down the bottle of vodka and give it a rest and I am better for it. Unfortunately reality is such that many people don’t do that.

Working on a “drinking” holiday you see the worst in people. Binge drinking, falling over themselves sloppy, acting like idiots; all in the name of the almighty glass of alcohol.

I used to get it, now I don’t. I used to be that guy, now I am not. The fact that I am not that guy makes me dislike it even more because I can’t fathom why people act that way week after week. I mean, in this area, drinking is THE social activity. There’s not much to do, bars are all over the place, so they congregate in them like a church to worship the god of getting fucked up.

Its a sad sight to see because you know life is better than that. You know they could do better but that isn’t reality.

I left the night of work with my usual jaded outlook on humanity because of that job. Its hard to see people act like that week after week and not have it affect your optimism with human nature, very hard.

A few hours later after going to sleep I had to be at the gym to train my clients. The first one was a 40+ year old woman who is entering another year of playing Women’s Professional Football for the Cleveland Fusion.

Here is a woman that goes to school to work on her master’s, holds two jobs, plays football, is physically beat up from the game, makes zero excuses, works her fucking ass off in the gym with me, is a role model for her younger family members and is a US Navy Veteran.

A stark contrast between her and the zombies who choose to drink their weekends away….

As she was getting ready to start the first exercise I saw a man, about my age, training his son. I never saw them before in the gym but he was patient with his son, teaching the boy how to deadlift, explaining each step to him and doing something to lay a framework for years.

He was teaching his boy how to train.

I watched them for a few minutes and it honestly made me smile. To go from a night of seeing people disrespect themselves to the degree they did, to seeing a dad respect himself and his son enough to show him what he knows about lifting was a beautiful contrast.

I took their pic as he was teaching his son, talked to him for a while after my client and met someone new today in the process.

Humanity isn’t all bad, as we are fully aware, but sometimes the timing of the good you see in people is critical.

This was a critical moment in my day. To see a father teaching his 12 year old son was what I needed at that time.

It reminded me of my dad teaching me how to hit a baseball, how to hunt, how to fish, how to throw a football, how to box and how to work. I am glad for his son and hope he understands how important things like this will be as he grows up. Its a wonderful sight to see, a great lesson to learn and its how things should be.



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2 thoughts on “12 hours of contrast

  1. Out of all the things that I read on the internet today, this was by far the best…great entry, my friend.
    It’s refreshing to see that there are still people out there “parenting”. Too many kids don’t stand a chance in this world.
    Stay safe.


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