What is perspective?

When I started out in this business, the internet was in it infancy.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were years away from being born, trainers didn’t oversaturate the field and Strength Coaches were hard to find unless you really looked for one.

Today, you can turn on the computer, fire up your browser, type some basic keywords in and be bombarded with information from hundreds of sources.

I am not going to talk to you about the information, I am going to talk about the sources. More specifically, about perspective at being a source.

Being a viable source fucks with your ego, people follow you, shower you with praise, ask you to write for them, ask you to give reviews for them.

You sell books, you sell shirts, you make an inane post on Facebook and numerous people either share it, comment on it or “like” it.

You are essentially winning an internet popularity contest in which it doesn’t matter who the winner is. We are all in our 15 minutes of fame, biding our time until someone new comes along who captures your attention.

What separates the wheat from the chaff is consistency, ethics, solid teaching, helping others, unselfishness, doing your best to place that ego on the back-burner to do what is best for the people buying into what we are teaching.

In essence, we are teachers. We teach others how to physically improve, we lead people in the gym. To some it seems like we are narcissistic meatheads, but the best of us care more for our clients than the general populace thinks we do.

We are examples to either follow, love, hate, rip, talk about, make memes about or leave alone. With the exposure we get there is a certain price you pay. People will talk about us, you will be loved by some, liked by others, hated by a few and yet most of the people in the world will never know a single thing about you because the training world is about as niche as it gets.

A healthy dose of perspective is needed for us. Most of us, who are in this business as deeply as some of us are, are surrounded by like-minded people and the large world appears tiny.

Its not. We are a part of it, we contribute to it, but we are still just a very small part of a business that will thrive whether we are here tomorrow or if we disappear.

The mark we make today can either fade away fast or last a long time, and that all depends on the perspective we place in it.

Popularity doesn’t mean success. Money doesn’t mean success. Those are means to an end. Success is bred from longevity. You can fizzle out after a few years, or you can build something up that helps others, spreads solid information, do it ethically and with minimal ego and be that coach in his 50’s who is still in demand.

Perspective does that. The most successful trainers have a healthy dose of it. The ones who are immersed in this industry so deep that they forget why they are in it are the ones who will fizzle out and become forgotten about even quicker.

We are here to help, making money is part of it, but those rewards mean nothing if you shit on people along the way.


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