Training day 03-08-2014

Leg day with Lucas Gladish, Ryan Wharton and Mike Driscoll.

This was a nasty one.

Leg Curls
90 x 20
110 x 15
130 x 3 x 15
130 x 20 Partials

Abduction and Adduction machines (innie and outie for the idiots)

Supersets of:
130 x 15
170 x 2 x 15
170 x 20

Power Squat
2 plates per side x 20
4 plates x 15

Then the fun begins

7 plates for this:

1 rep, 2 second pause in the hold, 2 reps, 3 sec pause, etc. up to 7.

A total of 28 reps with pauses. Fucking horrible.

Then the 2nd set was reversed, but added a plate and did some strip sets as I was begging for mercy. I think I threatened the guys a few time to take the fucking plates off because I was going to collapse.

After I recovered, slightly, I hobbled to the squat rack to do 20 rep squats. My legs were jello.

135 x 12

Yes, 135. Fuck you.

185 x 12
135 x 19

I wanted 20, but on the last rep we held a 10 count pause in the hole and I couldn’t get up.

This is the first time in my life I failed at 135 and it was all due to the goddamn power squat nonsense we did which absolutely wrecked my legs. I was literally laughing.

To put it in perspective, Lucas has 30″ quads and a close to 600 pound max squat and was using 135 as well. That is how shitty the previous exercise was.

Ended it with

Leg Extensions
70 x 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. 3 second pause after each rep sequence.


No mas.

We all tapped out after that.

Very good leg workout, one of the hardest I have ever done.


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