Training day 02-21-2013 Chest and Shoulders with Lucas, Kayla and Ryan

Earlier in the week Lucas let me know he was training at Titans Friday night and wanted to hit some chest together. Lucas Gladish is a teen bodybuilder sponsored by Species Nutrition. 19 years old sponsored by a major supplement company is a feat. He brought along his girlfriend, Kayla Adcock (figure competitor in the making) and Ryan Warton who is competing in a few weeks onstage.

I will be honest, I didn’t track shit. I didn’t count reps, I didn’t track weight, but I do remember what we did.

Words can’t accurately describe the volume. We all went back and forth, the rest was waiting for the others to get done, and this workout lasted almost 2 1/2 hours.

Started off on the Strive Incline Chest Press. Did two “sets” with each set. One was with hands in the normal bench position (supinated for you geeks) and the next was immediately after it with hands in the neutral position.

Total of 4 sets which means 8. Each was to failure. At the very last set we did a drop set to complete failure with moving the weights to different positions on each set. If you know how Strive equipment works, you know. If you don’t know, use the Google function to find out.

Next was a Tbar press. The best way to describe this is to put a barbell in a corner, kneel down, grab the end of it, lift it up to right under your chin, and press upwards that way. This hits the upper chest all sorts of nice.

Started with a 25 and did 20 reps.
Next was 50 for 15
75 for 15
Last was 100 to failure and dropped down to 75, 50 and 25 to failure on each drop.

By the end it was a lot more than pinkies helping that bar up.

Then we did Machine Flies
4 x 15 @ 130#

Each rep with a hard flex.

Finally for chest we did Cable Crossovers supersetted with feet elevated pushups

3 total sets, not sure of weight or reps, but pushups were to failure.

Then shoulders.

Started with Rear Delt Flies
15 x 20
15 x 20
20 x 20
25 x 15 dropped to 20 x 12 dropped to 15 to failure

Next was a superset of Strive Machine Military Press with Seated DB Laterals
3 sets of the superset

The last Press we did it normally to failure with a massive dropset repositioning the weights through each cycle. Went to total failure on that one.

Next was DB Front Raises supersetted with Machine Laterals
15 x 12 on the front raises and went to failure on the Laterals.

By this time lifting my arms wasn’t the best feeling in the world and any weight we used was work.


Used a different Machine Press, sat in in the “wrong” way and did the exercise, this was supersetted with Machine Rear Delt Flies.

3 total sets of this.

Workout done.

Sorry for not tracking weights and reps better, but with the pace we kept up and the amount of shit we did, I didn’t really give a fuck.



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