02-16-2014 Training day – doing a Meadows leg day

Did legs with a buddy today. I borrowed a workout from the Mountain Dog Diet members site. The best 9 bucks I spend a month.

This was deceptively horrible.

Seated Leg Curls
90 x 15
110 x 15
120 x 4 x 15

Natural GHR
3 x 5

Did these on the lat pulldown station with a broom handle to help my big ass up. If you have a GHR, try these instead. If you don’t have a GHR and your gym has a lat pulldown, try these as well. They are incredibly humbling.

Leg Press with doubled over mini bands
180 x 8
270 x 8
360 x 8
540 x 8
630 x 8
720 x 8

Fucking hard with the bands.

225 x 8
315 x 3 x 8

Getting better at reps, these were fast save for the massive leg exhaustion.

Smith Machine Lunges
95 x 2 x 10



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