Training day 02-13-2014 and some cheap supplements

Added a second leg day during the week for some extra isolation work. Gone are the days of squatting with a barbell twice a week, but I want to add more size, shape and definition to my legs and the extra volume won’t hurt me.

Seated Leg Curls
110 x 15
130 x 3 x 15

Adbuction Machine
190 x 15
230 x 3 x 15

Smith Machine Squat
135 x 10
225 x 3 x 10

I will be honest, this is the first time I ever use this machine for squatting. Pretty much sucked since it was all quad with my feet being very close together. Its not a replacement for squatting by any means, its just a nice little way to get some extra quad work.

Reverse Hyper
150 x 3 x 15

Forgot how good these feel on my lower back.

Bodyweight single leg calf raises
50 reps each leg

My friend Kalle Beck is a sponsored athlete for 360 cut. I don’t often talk about supplements but I do like their shit. I use their Sleep product and it helps me immensely with getting to sleep, staying asleep and falling back asleep if I wake up in the middle of the night.

I will be honest, its the only product I have used of theirs, but I can tell you its worth it 100%. I’ve tried a lot of shit to help me fall asleep and this one is the best hands down.

They have a limited offer for anyone who wants to buy their products. Enter the code kalle40 at checkout for an extra 40% off your order. It is case sensitive so don’t be a dope and use a capital letter.

I get nothing from this other than to spread the word for a good friend and a solid company who puts out quality shit.

Go to 360cut, use the fucking code and get some cheap shit before that discount runs out…. at the same time, you’re giving a hand to a hard working dude who busts his ass to help Strongman get more positive exposure.




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