02-08-2013 Training day

I got a message from John Patrick a few days ago saying one of his training buddies will be in the Cleveland area this weekend visiting his family. He wanted him to train with me while he was up here.

John is the former Strength and Conditioning Coach at Youngstown State and spoke at the same Strength and Conditioning Seminar I did at Denison University back in 2011. That seminar was run by Mark Watts, another excellent man and coach who is the Director or Education at Elitefts.com (another reason to give elitefts.com your business, they hire character men and foster an atmosphere of learning).

John is now based in NC and is a Tactical Performance Specialist at Athlete’s Performance.

Kurt is a PL, I am pretty much training like a bodybuilder and I told John that. Luckily today was Kurt’s bodybuilding day so we hit chest pretty hard.

95 x 15
135 x 15
225 x 12
275 x 12
315 x 2 x 10 drop set to
225 x 9

Smith Machine Incline Bench
225 x 5
275 x 5
315 x 3 x 5

Stopped bar 1″ from chest and a couple inches from lockout each rep to maintain tension on the chest for the entire movement.

20, 15

Seated Machine Fly
150 x 3 x 15

On the last set, the last two reps were done using isotension at the end. Got this from the pages of John Meadows and it is a killer.

Tate Press
35 x 12
45 x 3 x 12

Rope Pushdown superset with close “grip” pushups
100 x 20 – 9
90 x 20 – 8
80 x 20 – 8

Solid workout, thank you for a good one today, Kurt.



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