Training day 02-06-2014

Tweaked my program a little, which you will see how in the coming days as I blog it.

Seated Leg Curls
110 x 15
130 x 2 x 15
170 x 10 with isotension on last rep

Standing Single Leg Curls
50 x 50 each leg

Partials at around 40 – 50 for each leg, goal was to get 50 per leg on one set no matter how hard it got.

Lateral DB Raises
50 x 2 x 30 superset with 20 x 2 x 30

Straight Bar Face Pulls
90 x 4 x 25

Standing Calf Raises
120 x 3 x 20

Next week I will add a quad movement to the mix after hamstrings. Giving myself a little extra work in the areas I want to build up more.

I do arms twice a week, shoulders now twice, chest once, back once and the volume on back day will be very high, and legs will be twice a week.

5 days a week and the goal is to get in and out of the gym in 90 minutes per session.

Time to ramp it up and build some more.


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