Training day 01-26-2014

I like to experiment with different styles of bodybuilding training from time to time. One of the people who I have the utmost respect for as a coach and competitor is John Meadows.

His membership site, Mountain Dog Diet, is worth every single penny and the information you read there is worth more than the 10 bucks a month you spend for it.

Today I did one of his leg workouts. The volume wasn’t as high as some of mine, but the intensity of the workout made up for it by far.

I had issues walking out of the gym, sitting down, moving and I was close to throwing up a couple times. Call it crazy, but if you want to get better and grow; you need to push yourself to the point of wanting to quit… but not quitting.

Lying Leg Curl
110 x 12
130 x 3 x 12
130 x 20 Partials

Partials after the last set are insanely rough.

Leg Press
180 x 10
270 x 10
360 x 10
450 x 10
540 x 10
630 x 10
720 x 10
810 x 10
900 x 10
990 x 10

Rested about 45-60s between each set up to a heavy 10, immediately following the last set I did:

Walking Lunges
20 steps per leg

A. I hate lunges
B. After the leg press I hate them more
C. I am dreading the next exercise now….

135 x 8
225 x 8
275 x 8
315 x 8
365 x 8

Squatting with severely fatigued legs already makes them even worse.

Stiff Leg DL with DB
85 x 4 x 12

Great workout today. Went by faster than I expected and a lot harder than it looks on paper.


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