Training day 01-12-2014

3ct Pause Squat
135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 2 x 3
315 x 2 x 3

365 x 3
385 x 3
405 x 2 x 3
315 x 2 x 6

Still not approaching heavy weights, using the volume to rebuild it not the grind.

Leg Press
270 x 20
360 x 10
450 x 10
540 x 10
630 x 10
720 x 3 x 10

With each weight above the first set I only rested as long as needed to place another 45 on each side. For the 720 sets I rested 30s between each set.

Leg Extension
110 x 7 x 10

30s rest between each set.

6 x 5

Set the machine up so my knees were near the top of the pad, makes them more effective and a lot harder.

Abduction machine
250 x 4 x 12

Sat forward, leaned forward. Seems that I get more work out of them that way where I want to feel it.

Leg Curl
90 x 4 x 20

These denigrated into partials by the time the last set was halfway done.


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