Quickie Lunch time blog – My basic blueprint for power athletes

Let me talk a little training for a minute, which is rare for me.

There are several rules I go by when training my athletes.

1. I don’t give a shit about how much you can squat and bench for a 1RM. I care about how much you can squat and bench with power.

2. The 40 yard dash, while a nice benchmark to shoot for, is overrated compared to a 20 yard dash which tests acceleration better and a 60 yard dash which tests speed endurance better. The 40 is a nice tool for testing but to rely on it to showcase how fast an athlete is only tells one part of the equation.

3. Mobility is largely incorporated into a training program with strength building moves. Bulgarian Split Squats for example, Y’s, W’s and T’s are another.

4. The offseason is a time for building muscle and rebuilding an aerobic base. As the season gets closer and closer we start focusing more on power and anaerobic capacity.

5. Sometimes you CAN get an athlete too big or too strong. If you aren’t balancing out their strength and size increases with power and speed you take away a critical component of what makes them an athlete. This should be common knowledge, but many new strength coaches/trainers will make this mistake the most.

6. Unless you KNOW the position’s technique for the athlete you are training, don’t fuck with coaching it. Football coaches = football. Strength coaches = Physically preparing the athlete to receive coaching and to be prepared PHYSICALLY for the game. Don’t combine the two, most of us hate when football coaches try to tell us what to do, well imagine how they feel if we tell them how a RB needs to play.

7. Planks = daily. Period. My athletes have a prescription to do them every single day whether they are in the gym or not.

8. Unless you know what you are doing with regards to Olympic lifts – and by knowing I mean you can actually coach them well and not just picked up a book and watched a few videos – jumps, throws, sandbags and strongman training is better suited for an athlete than trying to monkey-fuck-a-football-clean when you can’t cue shit.

All the rest is up to you, and is position specific as to how many sprints, rest periods, distances, conditioning, etc.

Do some research, learn the sport of the athlete you are training, read and apply knowledge.

These basic rules are set in stone for me and have always worked. If they work for you, fantastic, if not… find a way that does without fucking up the athlete that relies on you.

Feel free to comment if you think I am full of shit or add some ideas of your own.


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