Training day 12-16-2013

Shoulders and biceps

Behind the neck Smith machine press
Bar x 20
95 x 10
135 x 10
185 x 2 x 10
185 x 17

Forced reps and partials to finish out the last set

Barbell Shrugs
405 x 3 x 12
225 x 20

3ct pause at the top of the 225 set.

Machine Laterals
110 x 3 x 12

Rear Delt Destroyer set ala John Meadows
50 x 60
20 x 40
10 x 20

50’s and 20’s were partials, 10’s were full reps with a pause at the top.

Look up his article about shoulder training on T-Nation for details on how to do this. Its brutally hard and effective.


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