My review of Stronger Faster Healthier Protein/Fish Oil

I was contacted by Matt Arnold, who is a product rep for SFH, about sampling some of their product line.

I usually don’t give out recommendations on my site for products and supplements, and I made Matt aware of that, but he was confident that I would like this and be unbiased in it so I agreed to do it.

SFH has a very simple goal in mind; a clean supplement that is effective. They deliver a product line that is GMO free, grass fed protein sources, their fish oil is derived from sardines and herrings and they put their product through independent testing that you can read on their website (

They offer a simple line:

  • Whey protein formulas to meet your needs such as pure, daily balance, recovery and endurance formulas
  • Fish oil which is arguably one of the best I have ever used as far as taste and amount of DHA/EPA per serving
  • Omega 3 oils for pets

I am not going to copy and paste information you can find on their site about the formula. You can find that in their literature and learn more about their process than I can type in a blog post.

I know they have a solid rep for quality, but my main goal was taste and cost effectiveness.

It isn’t cheap. At 40 bucks for a two pound bag of basic whey you are looking at the upper echelon of protein supplement pricing on the market. Not many companies charge more but not many companies are as transparent in their process as SFH is. You get what you pay for with this company. They don’t spend much money on marketing, there aren’t ads in major magazines or major sponsorships. It looks like a company that pushes the money back into manufacturing. I am not writing that as gospel, I am writing that based on conversations with the product rep.

If you want a good product and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for it, by all means try this out. If you are on a budget, shop around. Hate to say that but its a cold, hard fact.

As far as taste is concerned, this is probably the cleanest tasting protein powder I have ever tried. There isn’t a lingering taste of chemicals in your mouth, it mixes easily and its not an overpowering flavor. Was it the best tasting? No. It tastes good, but its not like cake batter. It is a very clean taste and that says a lot for a whey protein.

The fish oil was the same way. I sampled tangerine and it was a very light taste without any fish aftertaste at all.

I didn’t sample enough to give you a decent opinion as to the long term effectiveness of it, but lets be real, this is a supplement not a drug.

The fact that its clean tasting, GMO-free, grass fed and they offer studies on their site to show that their product meets label claims (something that many companies cannot claim) is enough to show me that SFH is a great product that is definitely worth looking into and trying for yourself. The taste is good, the quality is there and they throw money back where it belongs and not into bigger ads.

Thanks to SFH and Matt Arnold for allowing me to sample this line.


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