Training day 12-13-2013 and a nutritionist appointment tomorrow

Arm day

Rope Pressdowns
65 x 15
95 x 15
120 x 4 x 12

DB Skull Crushers
30 x 10
40 x 3 x 10

Reverse Grip Smith Machine Bench
90 x 10
180 x 10
180 x 10
180 x 33

Last set was a rest/pause set.

DB Hammer Curls
30 x 10
50 x 3 x 10

Seated Incline DB Curls
25 x 2 x 10
25 x 12
25 x 15

Last set I did a bunch of partials

Cable Curl
110 x 10
110 x 10
110 x 28

Rest/pause on the last set.

Starting tomorrow I will be working with a nutritionist.

This is a huge step for me as I like total control over all aspects of my training to be in my hands, but I also want food accountability. I will be working with Competitive Edge Nutrition out of Akron, Ohio.

I’ve know Phil Campbell of Competitive Edge since I moved to Ohio in 2010 and I am anxious to see what we can do together to improve on what I am doing and dig some more potential out of my ass.

I like the way I am eating now, but nutrition isn’t my expertise (as of now). Having someone who does it far better than I offering some advice will greatly help.


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