Training day 12-12-2013

Speed Deadlift
135 x 5
225 x 3
315 x 3
405 x 8 x 1

Worked the hook grip for the first time ever. Did it on a speed day and held the bar at the top to get used to it digging into my thumb.

The days of over/under are over… its hook grip or bust.

Its going to be an adjustment.

Sumo Rack Pulls
315 x 5
405 x 3 x 5
495 x 3 x 5

Did these from knee height. Awkward as hell and a massive pain in the ass (literally, which was the idea)

Bent over rows
225 x 4 x 8

Reverse grip pulldowns
130 x 3 x 10
110 x 4 x 10

Calf Raises
100 total reps at bodyweight

Good workout….


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