Training day 12-08-2013

I am able to start to rebuild my squat without a box finally. Knee pain is all but gone so I am exclusively going to be doing Olympic style squatting, starting VERY light to build it back up and trying very hard not to rush the progress.

Dialing it back in weight is hard for me as I am going to want to skip 5 steps, but that’s how you aggravate shit again. Hoping I am able to use my head and not my ego.

Buffalo Bar Squat
55 x 20
145 x 8
195 x 8
235 x 8
285 x 3 x 10

Light as fuck but that’s what I am starting with.

Leg Extension
170 x 4 x 12

Leg Press
450 x 7 x 20

This was probably a real bad idea… these sucked

Barbell hip thrusts
225 x 3 x 8

Light and squeezed my buttocks for a 3 count at top. Go ahead, laugh… but I have a nice ass.

Hip Abduction Machine
250 x 4 x 12

3 x 8

Leg Curls
120 x 2 x 10
110 x 2 x 10
100 x 3 x 10

Too damn dead for calf work, tomorrow it is.


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