Training day 12-01-2013

Trained at the Gold’s Gym in Whitehall, PA today.

Decided today to stop using the box and start to rebuild my free squat piece by piece.

Starting my weights very low and working up as my knee tolerates it.

Fighting a massive cold so I lowered the overall volume of today down a great deal.

Olympic Squat
135 x 10
185 x 8
225 x 5
275 x 5
315 x 3 x 15

Hammer Strength Leg Extensions
90 x 3 x 12

Seated Leg Press
390 x 3 x 12

Seated Leg Curls
90 x 3 x 15

Lying Leg Curls
110 x 3 x 12

Seated Calf Raises
140 x 3 x 12

Quick, easy and due to the cold was breathing like a freight train. Cardio much?


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