Training day 11-17-2013

Trained legs today with my client Cody. Incidentally Cody is THE whitest name in the world. If you name your son Cody, expect him to have a desk job wearing khaki pants.

After a week of lowering the volume some in a quasi-deload, I missed killing myself in the gym.

Back to the grind.

SSB Low Box Squats
100 x 8
170 x 8
260 x 8
330 x 3 x 8

For some reason I couldn’t catch my breath at all during these. It felt like I was sprinting uphill in sand on a humid day.

Leg Press
540 x 4 x 15

Feet side by side, 3 count down 1 count up.

Leg Extension
130 x 7 x 12

Inverse Curl (a Westside Barbell Machine) a brutal bitch of a machine
160 x 3 x 10

245 x 3 x 8

Didn’t lock out at the top, keeps more tension on the hamstring that way

Lying Leg Curls supersetted with bodyweight calf raises

This was a little rough to do…

120 x 4 x 12
110 x 2 x 12
110 x 20

Bodyweight x 7 x 25


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