I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions about my training in person. Questions like:

  1. What are you training for?
  2. Have you upped your dose?
  3. What do you eat?
  4. Why are you so fucking handsome?

Ok, maybe not #4… often, but the first three get asked quite a bit. By quite a bit I mean more than once and less than twice.

I love inquisitive shit, it means the person either wants to learn or wants to steal my ideas.

Let’s start by answering them here.

1.  What am I training for?

Nothing right now. Why? Because I don’t want to. Simple…

There exists a lot of people who train only to compete. There isn’t a goddamn thing wrong with that.

There also exists a lot of people that think if you don’t compete there isn’t a point to training your fucking ass off.

There is a lot of shit wrong with that.

I mean looking better, feeling better, personal pride and dare I say it… mild narcissism, aren’t valid reasons to train?

Being stronger for the sake of being stronger isn’t a valid reason?

Being bigger because you want to be isn’t a valid reason?

Of course they are, so is competing.

We don’t JUST train to compete, we train because we want to and competition is a by-product of that for many.

Just as walking on the beach and turning heads is a by-product for some.

After all, if you aren’t proud of what you do, what you look like and how you feel what the fuck is the point of it? I mean does competing validate you? Does NOT competing validate you?

Would you train just as hard if you couldn’t compete? I do, I have and I always will.

I compete with myself, first and foremost. I don’t care who else does what, I can only really worry about my own progress.

And if that progress takes me back to competition, so be it. It will always be on my terms, nothing more and nothing less.

2. Have you upped your dose?

I am pretty open about my “usage” because I choose to be. I am as open as possible because its a oft-ignored factor in training by some and often misinterpreted.

Some idiots think you can shoot shit into your leg and turn into Phil Heath in three years.

Those people are called hardgainers, not because they aren’t genetically gifted but because they are excuse making assholes.

Sure you won’t magically squat 800 pounds or turn into an NPC champion, but hard ass work means you can progress pretty well from one year to the next.

So have I upped it… not one bit. Why? Again, I don’t want to.

3. What do you eat?

I have been asked this a few times because I am getting bigger… quite a bit bigger.

So the simple 500 dollar question is this: Carbs.

Fucking carbs, a lot of them.

That plus 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, or more.

But sweet, sweet carbs are in abundance.

Let’s face it, keto blows for gaining mass. Lower carb sucks for putting on size. If you can do it, I admire the hell out of you, but the vast majority of us need to shovel in sweet, awesome carbs to gain some size.

I know, its a hard job. I mean who wants to eat potatoes, rice and sometimes even pop-tarts.

Get this, my blood work is solid. I am not having heart attacks from all the goddamn delicious carbs.

I mean modern science tells us how bad carbs are and how great fat is but the simple fact remains… carbs promote growth, they are the key ingredient to manipulate when you need to cut or grow and they are a motherfucking torque wrench in a lifter’s toolbox.

4. Why are you so fucking handsome?

I blame my genetics for that one, my gene pool upped the dose by birthing me though.


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