Training day 10-08-2013

Chest day.

Getting to the gym today was a monumental task for me. But once I got there, I had a solid session.

Bench Press
45 x 20
135 x 12
225 x 12
275 x 3 x 12

Hammer Strength Incline
180 x 10
270 x 3 x 10
180 x 20

Did these super slow style. All Eliot Darden like and shit. (use google, learn something)

3 x 15

Again, slow as hell.

Weighted Dips
50 x 3 x 12

Cable Crossovers
80 x 3 x 15

People from the gym are noticing the size increase since I have started training this way. Its hard for me to tell how its working being that I see myself every single day, but when others (whom I know and give a shit about their opinion) notice it, its a good indication that what I am doing is working pretty damn well.


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