Random thought and a thank you.

As I stand here now, well sit, I am 270 pounds and looking the best I have ever looked.

After dabbling with bodybuilding training for a bit I am re-hooked on what got me into the gym in the first place; hell what got most of us into the gym in the first place.

I’ve trained for strength, trained for sports, trained for strongman and did some CrossFit in my lifting career. I came full circle back to my roots and I intend to stay here for a very long time.

I feel better, look better and with my added mobility work maybe I can get my body out of the ache and pain mode it has been for a long time.

One thing that I think makes me a good trainer is my open communication with my clients. I have a limited number that I work with because of time and I am pretty selective in who they are.

Now I don’t give a shit if they are elite or novices, but I don’t advertise outside of this website at all. I don’t post shit online advertising very often at all. If they want me, they come to me. Pretty simple.

Its not the most effective marketing strategy right now, but it keeps me busier than most.

Word of mouth has propelled me as well. I train friends of clients, co-workers, old clients referred people to me and I have trained some people for several years now.

One thing they get from me (aside from results) is personal service.

I believe in it which is why I cap my online work at a certain number. I don’t cookie cutter people into a template that I pre-designed. They are assessed as to their goals and dealt with as individuals. It makes it a little harder that way but it makes it better for them.

This is where those addictive smartphones come in handy. I answer emails during their sessions at times, I listen to them talk about their day, their stresses and life.

We aren’t just trainers, we are their friends as well. Don’t think for a second we aren’t. We are.

Having said that, I want to publicly thank each of my clients, everyone who bought the book and all those who are seeing results with it. I am not some big name lifter, hell I don’t even compete in shit anymore but to compete with myself (for now) and I am more than ok with that. I have nothing to prove to anyone as I made my bones playing my sport of choice already.

You trusted me with your money, your workout design and a service and I deliver you the best possible service I can.

You could have gone anywhere, you could run any program you want, you could hire the ones who have the biggest total or you can hire someone else, but you chose me.

Why? Who knows, your reasons are your own but I am glad you did.

I don’t do this for the money, but I get paid. I do this because I believe in what I do and I believe in the people I work with. Each of my in-person and online clients work hard. They aren’t a paycheck to me, they have made me proud to be a part of their success and sharing it with them.

They aren’t all elite athletes, most of them don’t even compete. They are people like you and me who push through life and make time to go to the gym despite anything that goes on around them. When they need a kick in the ass, I am there to give it harder than anyone. When they need to vent, I listen. When they need something changed in a program, I change it up to account for their goals and needs.

But they work, they ALL get results and they keep coming back month after month.

For that reason I don’t do 12 week programs, I do month to month. If they want to continue with me, they just re-up. If they want to move on, they are free to do so with my blessing.

But… most re-up month after month for a simple reason. I do my best work for each of them and it shows.

Thank you for coming to me, clients and those who bought the book. Your results and your dedication keep the fire going inside of me.


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