Training day 09-19-2013

Triceps day…

A bodypart I want bigger. I want thanksgiving hams hanging off of my arms.

But without the annoying relatives.

Close Grip Decline Bench
45 x 20
135 x 15
185 x 15
225 x 3 x 12

Tate Press
40 x 3 x 12

Rope Pressdowns
110 x 3 x 13

Single Arm Reverse Grip Pressdowns
50 x 3 x 12

Big blog series coming soon….

About what?

Well, in the modern world of strength coaching/training; social networking can really throw shit off.

Sometimes the loudest online aren’t always the best coaches, sometimes the strongest are often perceived to be the best (and they MAY be damn good) when an elite total doesn’t guarantee coaching ability.

I mean, fuck, there isn’t any BEST coach out there… that’s impossible to verify and its all up to the opinion of the people they are training at the moment. That’s a fact. One man’s poison is another man’s pleasure… well you know what the hell I mean.

To put it simply I am going to showcase ONE coach a month who is kicking fucking ass without the need to tell everyone about it online. ONE coach a month who is working hard, generating client results and doing things as a COACH does.

I don’t give a shit about their lifting numbers, I give a shit about the results of the people they train.

Of course they can have an online presence, but many of you will not have heard of some of these people unless you really pay attention.

I will interview each one and allow them full reign to talk about what they want to about their clients, and themselves. Some will be private coaches, some will be University coaches, some will be trainers who work with average people… you never know who it will be, but there is a huge world out there if you take your asses off of Facebook and Twitter that you may never know in the training world unless you look.

The first month will be easy for me.

Its a person friend of mine, Nic Bronkall of Spot Athletics in Columbus, OH.

Stay tuned soon for this up and coming grip competitor and an EXCELLENT coach who I have had the pleasure of not only lifting with, but watching him grow from a college kid into someone I greatly respect as a coach and as a man.


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