Training day 08-11-2013

Set 1: 45 lbs × 10
Set 2: 135 lbs × 4
Set 3: 135 lbs × 4
Set 4: 225 lbs × 4
Set 5: 275 lbs × 4
Set 6: 315 lbs × 2
Set 7: 365 lbs × 2

Set 1: 100

Set 1: 20
Set 2: 20
Set 3: 20

Set 1: 180 lbs × 15
Set 2: 180 lbs × 15
Set 3: 180 lbs × 15

Started off today with all intentions of having a ball-breaking workout. The kind that I can look back on with some pride at getting it done, but that didn’t happen.

From set one my head was firmly embedded in my ass, and it ended up being a “go through the motions” type of workout.

I almost just left after the first few sets of squats, I walked out 405 and just racked it back. I re-walked it out and stood there for about a minute, then re-racked it.

I tapped out today and its embarrassing. We all have those days and today was no exception for me.

I’m not a superman even if I want to be at times. I’m 38, I have aches, I have mental setbacks and I have days when I can’t get up for anything. Today was that day when all the stars were out of alignment for my workout.

Sure, it will affect the rest of my day. That’s what people like us do. We talk a great game about “live to fight another day” but we rarely take our own advice.

So I will deal with a shit workout and come back tomorrow and try it again.


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