Random Thoughts from a black sheep

Black sheep…

A term I have embraced most of my life.

I don’t fit molds. When I was a jock in my younger years most of my friends were the fringe. Greaser kids, punk rock kids, etc. I don’t relate to jock culture and never really will. I don’t relate to egocentric people and never will. I relate to the ones who fight every day to get ahead and have nothing given to them. I still do.

It seems the deeper I get into the world of fitness/strength the more I mentally drift away. Not in the “I am going to leave it” way, but the “fuck the popular crowd, I do it my way” way.

I swear, I argue, I am defiant towards certain things and I love that about myself.

You can never take the street kid out of me and I don’t ever expect that to happen.

The good part is that my way of approaching this business has it good parts. I align with myself, I write only one place anymore (and that’s here) and my validation comes from the results of my clients, not the amount of sales I generate.

To me, money is just a tool. Its a way to pay my bills and be a little comfortable. I can remember when I had little. I can remember times when I was sleeping in my car, trying to find a place to park. Holding a knife in my hand because you never know who was going to try to rob you at night.

Bad times, but that was all my own doing.

I can remember growing up in a row house, not having two cents to rub together but my parents making the best of it and making sure I had all I needed.

I remember walking to my friend’s house and seeing needles laying in the gutters… stuff like that which makes me truly appreciate anyone who breaks from that world into a better place.

I have one client I would like to talk about a little as an example of a man I truly admire.


I used to work with Joe in NYC.

When we first met he was a skinny ass hipster, but I guess I had an impact on him.

I packed my lunch, and it was chicken, broccoli, apples, peanut butter… the same shit every single day.

I lived what I stood for, talked about lifting, strongman contests, training people, just being me.

Joe has a past.

He struggled with drug addiction in his younger years. I am not talking shit like weed, I am talking heroin.

He overcame that to have a productive life and in some ways overcame NYC to make his way in an entirely different world.

After I left that company, he moved to Miami. We kept in touch sporadically on Facebook and I knew he wanted to be a chef.

Well, he reached that goal.

He owns his own personal chef business in Miami called Clean Chef which does very well for himself and provides meals for a local Miami IFBB bodybuilder.

Fact is, motherfucker made it. From a skinny hipster who used to be addicted to drugs to a personal chef in Miami, married and looking like he is completely enjoying the ride he jumped on.

He is gaining weight, he is lean, he is looking solid and getting stronger….

He is a black sheep like myself, but give me 50 Joe’s and you can keep your “elite athletes” and I will gladly take that any day.

Joe had faith in my system, he believes in it so much that his wife jumped on board the train as well and I am happy to call them both clients and friends.


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