A daily meal plan for a man on carb cycling

What am I about to write is not designed for everyone. I do not wholly recommend eating like me nor do I recommend following my eating plan if you my size. Diet and Nutrition is highly individualized and this is meant purely for entertainment and a little showoff value.

I dabbled with gluten free again, but I am a big fucking man. Eating a lot of carbs when gluten free is boring, challenging and a pain in the ass. You can only eat so much rice before you feel like an extra on “The Killing Fields” and I don’t like sweet potatoes that much to eat 2-3 pounds a day.

Veggies for carbs? Did you ever see how little carbs are in veggies? Its pathetic. You can eat a trough of broccoli and have enough carbs to fulfill the needs of a runway model.

Fruit, sure… but that shit isn’t cheap and I am that guy who prefers to be smart about where he spends his money with regards to food.

So, before I go into what I ate on a particular day. Let me tell you what I am supposed to eat on a training day.

614 grams of carbs
300 grams of protein
117 grams of fat

For a total calorie intake of 4709 calories on training days.

Right now keto disciples are shitting their pants and fat-as-fuel freaks are rendering me diabetic as we speak.

I also have been subscribing to the “if it fits your macros” style of eating.

Allowing myself “bad foods” if they fit my daily macros. Surprisingly this is making me binge eat LESS and be smarter about my food choices. Since most “bad” foods are very high in sugar or fat (or both) I have to plan out those foods carefully so at the end of the day when I am filling up calories I am not left with a horrible dilemma of food.

I eat gluten, I eat some suigary shit and right now since starting this I have dropped 5 pounds. I am fuller (more swole), I feel great, I have more energy and I am eating a ton of fucking food to do it.

Grass fed? nope.

Organic? nope.

Farm fresh free range eggs? nope.

None of that gimmicky, high priced shit. Its food you can buy at your local supermarket, super Walmart or on the run.

Maybe grass fed is “healthier” but until I have a job where I have a lot of disposable income to waste on 9 dollar a pound ground beef. No.

So you can rest assured that if you decide to give this a shot, it CAN be done. You don’t need a massive food bill to do it, but you do need to do your homework so you know what your macros are.

On to the day….

This is for July 18, 2013. A high carb training day.


Sheetz on the run since I woke up late and its a low fat day so no fatty bacon or sausage.

Bagel with two eggs
English muffin with two eggs


10 ounces of chicken on a 2 wheat wraps
Rice pudding (I am 110 years old eating this shit)

Snack after lunch because I was still hungry:

2 poptarts
scoop of whey with water

Pre workout:

Scoop whey

Intra workout:

Some casein with some gatorade

Post workout:

Whey with waxy maize


This is where it got a little nuts….

1.5 pounds of potatoes with 18 ounces of lean ground beef.

Post dinner snack because I still had shit to fill:

A cup of egg whites with 2 eggos.


This isn’t the healthiest day in the world, there aren’t any veggies, no fruits but I was rushing around most of the day and food prep was off that week.

John Meadows would yell at me. Robb Wolf would demonize me and every single nutritionist in the world would write articles slandering this.

I have since planned better, cooked more food, prepped better and lived less on protein shakes during the day and more on real food.

This was a worst case scenario for me, but you can see how I filled my daily requirements.

I ended up eating 300g of protein, 145 of fat and 600 of carbs. Not perfect, but not bad.

If I liked veggies I would eat them, but I am a grown man so I eat them when I want and its rare when I do choose to sit down and inhale something green.

I am not living on mountain dew, I drink tons of water, over a gallon a day.

I haven’t eaten pizza in ages and although there is some “bad” food in here, its not catastrophic where I am taking a bag of Doritos and inhaling them.

Key thing is, this is working for me. I am eating more, leaning up, getting stronger and feel pretty damn good.

Will this work for you? I have no idea….

To learn more about flexible dieting and how to do this, check out Simply Shredded.

Let’s face it…

When you need to eat 4500-5000 calories a day on a real lifting diet, you will have a hard time doing that by the book clean. This is why I chose this, and it is working for me.

Most people who aren’t 6’3″ 270 will do well eating clean, sensible portions. Then again most people don’t block the sun when walking….



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  1. Jay, I struggled w/ the cost of grass-fed beef until I recently bought a 1/2 cow. Even after processing fees it averages out to $2.60 a lb. You can’t even get “dirty” meat that cheap! Totally worth it man. It’s less than half the price. Requires a little bit of effort to find and organize, and you need the freezer space, but it’s worth it.

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