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One of the best places to watch a baseball game is at Progressive (fuck that, its still Jacobs Field to me – I’m a traditionalist). Watching the Indians play last night and hanging out at the Jake was a hell of a time. People here genuinely love their teams and its awesome to see a game against the Kansas City Royals result in a standing ovation, massive cheers and genuine love for a hometown team like the fans do here.

I rip on Ohio and Cleveland a lot, and this isn’t my “home”, but I have met some great people here and attending sporting events here is a fun time, even if the teams seriously suck.


There are two cities in this nation I love dearly for different reasons.

NYC and LA.

I like urban areas, traffic is annoying but I am used to it having lived and worked in and around NYC for while.

I like the opportunity that both places give you and I like the go go go mentality to succeeding there.

Those are two places that even if you think you are a big fish, you are in a massive pond and it takes a huge effort to swim the entire length of it.

You want to test yourself? Move to a big city and see what you got.

You think you have what it takes to really be a success? You should try it when there are thousands just like you instead of the comfort of a small town.


I am going to try an experiment starting tomorrow.

In the past I used box squats with great success in bringing up my squat, and my mass, very well. Well I am going to do it again in the confines of my Ashman Strength System.

Below parallel, reps, speed, ME work.

Idea is two-fold here. I want my posterior chain to get stronger and box squats do a great job with that because of the length of my legs. I want my legs to grow more. I want to handle heavier weights and I want to show how box squats CAN help you if they are used the right way.


Part of who I am is that I feel I am the same online (blogs, facebook) as I am offline. I will debate, I will put people on blast if I feel something is careless and stupid (with regards to training) and I have no problem taking on anyone with regards to it.

We are not gods, we are men. We are not infallible, we are flawed. No one person is going to know it all even if they think they have most of the answers. It doesn’t matter to me who you are, if you are wrong you are wrong. Including myself.

I don’t censor opposing viewpoints and if someone doesn’t agree with me, they have a platform on my blog, and my facebook pages to express their opinion. If I say something stupid, by all means call me on it and I am man enough to admit if I am wrong.

If more people would suppress their big fish small pond egos the same way, the fitness world would be so much better off.

But that won’t happen anytime soon as long as people are continually stroking egos and keeping their mouths shut when they don’t agree.

Maybe that’s why I make friends pretty easily. I am raw, I have a horrible filter, I say it like it is and I don’t care how much you make, what you look like, how strong you are, how popular you are, how good looking you are or what you can do for me. I judge your friendship by some simple criteria. Are you a solid person? Do you treat people with respect? Do we click as friends?

That’s all. I don’t need a friend base around me that only lifts. I don’t need a friend base around me that’s going to stroke my ego. Who wants that? That’s boring as hell. Give me real people who know how to be real friends and I consider it golden.

Enjoy the weekend, for once its a beautiful one here in the eh state of Ohio.


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