Online testimonials I have found about the Ashman Strength Book

There are compiled from various sources I have read online, none of them are solicited or asked for.

Tom Furman:

Jay’s book; very good. It’s not what I personally would do for a 56 year old guy who did labor for 30 years.. but it is SOLID. It’s old school in the context of finding out what works, how long it works, why it works, what to do if does not work.

Jay’s ebook is kind of a grouping of all the old York stuff I read attached to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Bruno Sammartino routines I heard of. This is not just nostalgic… it’s applicable.

Great job, not for the PED elite, the genetic elite… but guys who work hard to get where they want to go..

Thanks Jay.

John Warkala:

I’m starting my 5th week of the program. I like it.

Get my big lifts in and have the flexibility to use all the toys in my home gym for the assistance work.

At my age and with my injury history, I didn’t expect huge strength gains, just maintenance but I have seen progress in the big lifts.

The biggest benefit to me has been the variety and amount of assistance work, especially the rowing, shrugs and curls that I’d neglected since I went temporarily insane with CrossFit years ago. It has restored some kind of balance to my shoulder and I am waking up without shoulder pain for the first time since I completed my last kipping pull-up.

That alone is well worth the money.

Andrew Fleming:

I had spent two months on a 5×5 program and I was just done. No more gains in strength and I was just beat up. I was stuck at a max 285 in my DL. 

I goofed around in the gym for a week just having fun then I jumped into the Ashman Strength System. Two weeks after starting A.S.S and following the sample program I hit 315 for a 1RM. That may not be a big deal to some but at 41 and 175lbs I’m thrilled. 

I appreciate the fact that this book intends to educate and instruct not just dish out a bunch of exercises. It’s honest about life and about how training really happens in the real world for most people that don’t get paid to lift. It’s encouraging in that aspect without trying to cheer lead someone into action. For a married guy with two small kids and a full time job I want honesty, not BS pictures of 24 year old guys lifting 10lb weights.

One foot in fit:

The Dedicated Wild Card

Jay Ashman – Jay Ashman has yet to reach the level of notoriety that the previous two writers have earned, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worth checking out. There are few people in the fitness world that shoot straighter than Jay. He is no BS, and he lives the lifestyle that he promotes. In The Ashman Strength System, we get the author’s extensive background of training, and he then goes on to describe his workout routine. I honestly have yet to see a better strength training program in all of my travels. He isn’t going to tell you how to eat like a vegan, or how to run a marathon, but this guy can get you some serious gains in the strength department. Another thing that I love about this program is that it never gets boring. You hit various areas of your body during a day of work, but you get to select your movement from a list of nearly a dozen possibilities. Don’t sleep on this book!

Karl Chalabala:

Feedback after month #1.

Key observations after one month. Significant gain in the squat and deadlift – 10-15%.

I attribute this to the back work and consistent core muscle stress, assisted by the ab work.

Simplistically, it takes more weight for my torso to collapse, allowing greater force application by the posterior chain. Still an amateur – weigh 160, 5’8. Max squat is approx 200lbs. Pr’d my dead at approx 250 today.

Secondly, on the aesthetics front I’m extremely better balanced. Prior to to this, did @fit, oly and barbell work, with a focus on pressing, dead lifting and squatting. However no system in place.

Now, shoulders are broader front to back, and side to side, with the rowing and chins deepening the V top to bottom. It’s a powerful illusory technique, and those weren’t incorporated into my prior plan.

Tomorrow, I do 1rm shoulder. Goal is body weight push press. Let you know how it goes, but I feel confident. Prior was 140lbs, strict is 125.

None of these guys are elite lifters, they are people with jobs, kids and just looking to improve themselves. That is about 90% of us who train, most of us will never see a competition platform or a stage, most of us just want to be physically better. Judging by the responses from feedback from online clients and people who have picked up the book so far; it succeeds on that front.

I am happy for them and thank you for using my program.

For the rest of you not on Facebook posting results or not on discussion boards; reply in comments what your impressions are so far.

If you haven’t picked it up yet and are looking for something new that has been proven to work; its 20 bucks for 69 pages of no bullshit information on how you can take control of your own lifting without being slammed into a set program.


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