Holiday thoughts

Yesterday was the day of our Independence. Its the most important American holiday. Everything our nation is, and will be, can be traced back to brave men who signed our Declaration of Independence and the even braver men who fought for our freedom to be an independent nation.

So, we celebrate by eating an ungodly amount of food and watching fireworks.

Somewhere Thomas Jefferson is either shaking his head or lighting a Roman Candle, not sure which one…

Who am I to avoid a great American tradition of gorging myself on mass quantities of meat?

After being invited to a friend’s house and eating enough meat to fill a small army of marauding Revolutionary soldiers and enjoying the dessert table of sugary treats, I can’t help but really think how lucky I am at times.

I have a good gift of making friends wherever I go. I’ve lived in three states (so far), did well in each and made lifelong friends in those three.

I have friends all over the nation, one of which is flying in next week on business and to check out an Indians game with me on Friday night. That same friend rescued me from sleeping in the Denver airport at midnight after a delayed flight from LA back to Cleveland.

I do my best to make connections with solid people who value what being a friend is, and I do my best to be the same type of friend even if I am sure I fail at times.

I’m not anyone special, my “friendship” isn’t because I am elite at what I do or who I am, its because I think I am a genuine guy for the most part and I treat people how I want to be treated.

In my darkest days, in my times when I feel I am alone at times in my own head, I do have some awesome friends who are there for me and those people are greatly appreciated and will never be without the same graciousness they show me.

Thank you to all my good friends; past, present and future. You all know who you are, and wherever I end up for the rest of my life, you are always as welcome in my life as you make me feel in yours.



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