How I judge my results and how I handle clients

Every trainer has a scale they judge themselves on.

I have strict criteria for my clients and strict for myself as well. I will not hesitate to fire a client, both online and offline if they are deviating from my plan or giving me half-assed effort.

I have a name to keep, I don’t want people who are going to hand me money and walk through it. If you want to do that, buy my e-book and waste your money that way.

If you pay for personalized help, I expect some simple things:

1. Don’t be late.

Hate that shit. If I am late, I let people know before the time. I drive 45 minutes to the gym I train people at and I am there on time barring a day job related calamity (which does happen).

2. Do the work to the best of your ability.

Listen to form cues, push hard, don’t quit, don’t bitch and don’t whine (too much). Everything my clients do, I have done myself. I won’t give someone a workout I haven’t at least seen performed or have done myself.

3. Pay me

Simple, huh? That means I shouldn’t have to chase you for payment. My fees are more than fair and I don’t waste my time for free. If you value the service, you will make me a priority as long as you can afford it. I have trained people for free and I will again, that is my choice and its rare under special conditions. I don’t advertise that when I do, I just do it.

4. I don’t want my name tagged in Facebook often like “OMG I HATE JAY ASHMAN FOR THIS WORKOUT”.

Its cool every once in awhile, but if my workouts are continually fucking you up, I am a shitty trainer. Some idiots pride themselves on how much clients hate them, I pride myself on making them better without leaving them in a pool of shit. It is possible, the good ones do it. Yes, I am cocky about that, I have over a decade experience training people, I know what the fuck I am doing.

5. Track your workouts

I don’t hold hands with that, find a way to do it. Write it down, track it on the Strong app on the iphone, do something. But I have enough to do in my life and I don’t need to write down your shit. This is accountability, learn it.

Now, how do I hold myself up as a good trainer….

1. Results first and foremost!

If I am helping you meet your goals, I am happy. This could mean being stronger, leaner, faster, bigger or simply playing your sport another year longer when everyone thinks you can’t. I’ve trained pros, club athletes, kids, moms, dads, obese clients, old men, women with fused backs, swimmers, etc. and each of them left me with part (or all) of their goals reached.

2. Loyalty

People don’t like to waste money and most of my clients don’t have money to waste. Most of them also have stayed with me for months, sometimes years, getting results. After a while results slow down because they advance in training, but results are still there.

3. Referrals

I advertise one place, here. I rely on referrals. I don’t put up training specials to get new people. My price is my price, if you don’t like it, tough shit. I work hard to put out a good service and I won’t cheapen my brand to get a name. I’ve had a single athlete refer 5 people to me in a month. I’ve had soccer moms refer their friends and make it a group session. I’ve trained entire teams based off of referrals.

I rely on it because I don’t want hype, I don’t spam, I don’t blast ads. My results get me business. If I suck, I won’t get business. Its simple.

4. Respect from my peers, at least the ones I respect

I respect few in this business for various reasons. I hold very few to high regard because of the longevity of their careers mixed with the information they put out and the manner in which they do it. I call a few of them personal friends and I don’t need to name drop, but when I receive praise from one of them, it means a lot to me.

5. Value my clients

I am happy with going to a weekend football game and seeing a client who suffered an ACL tear, used me for her rehab and watching her flatten other players. I am happy watching my high school kids run over another defense. I am happy reading and hearing meet results and seeing those numbers that came from hard work and my help. I don’t ask for attention, I don’t care. I enjoy the success of my clients and no amount of money I can get paid can ever replace the happiness they feel when they know they succeeded.


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