Training by feel is learned, not given; don’t train like an A.S.S.hole

What makes the Ashman Strength e-book work is the simple concept of training by feel.

I’ve had discussions with coaches and lifters who either love or hate training by feel. Some feel that lifters won’t be able to temper their constant drive to push the weight as far as they can each session, while some swear on their mother’s grave that its the best thing to happen to lifting since Dianabol (obvious joke).

I personally love it, after all I based my program off of the concept of it, I based my entire past year’s progress off of the simplicity of not shooting for a number, but shooting for a feel on a particular day.

All bicep tearing aside, it worked wonders for me, my testers, the people that are buying the book and my online clients who get their own individual workouts. I really should share more testimonials but since I rarely ask for them, its hard to piece together bits of emails and texts from clients who are sharing their success with me. I will gather up screenshots for a later blog.

Training by feel takes practice, it takes you shutting off that part of your brain that says, “man I feel good, but today is high rep day, maybe I will just do a max single today and pick up the reps next time”. No, that is now how this program works. On a set day, you have a goal in mind. Whether its high reps, moderate reps or max effort. There isn’t any speed day, it is specifically stated that you are to train the main lift like a lifter, and that is followed up with “move the goddamn bar”.

High reps build mass, moderate reps grease the strength groove as long as you aren’t grinding out Squats and Milk type of work and max effort work is the maximum effort you can muster up on a particular day.

I’ve had book buyers email me over the last several weeks about the max effort sets. Max effort is going to be a grind, but it will never be a failed rep. I cannot stress that enough.

If you are choosing a 3RM for a ME day and your last set of squats is a brutal grind on that 3rd rep. You will need to call it a day and come back next workout without the stigma of a failed set over your head.

Failing reps hurts your confidence in the gym. The gym is training, it prepares you for whatever goal you have in mind. Failing reps does nothing good for your goals. It is better to walk away thinking you could get more rather than walking away beating your head against the wall for needing three spotters to pick your ass up from a near dump.

Doing this type of training takes a lot of checks and balances against your inner chest-beating idiot. It requires discipline, it requires dedication to the end goal and it requires some time under the bar to know your body well enough in order to properly determine if you can go up another 50 pounds, 20 pounds or stay where you are.

Doing this type of training also takes into account variables in your life. Stress, good lifting days, bad days, being tired, not eating enough, not hydrated, etc.. On one max effort day 400 pounds can feel like a warmup set while on the next day the same weight can feel like hell has opened up and is dragging you down with it.

Clearly this girl had a bad lifting day

Clearly you know full well which day you need to push the weight and which day you will need to stop before you end up laying on the floor hating everything to do with lifting.

If you can learn how to train with what your body is telling you to do, you will have success with this program. If you train with the goal that every single day you will huff ammonia caps and drink pre-workout shit like its water, you will fail.

You don’t NEED percentages to have a successful training program, all you need is the willingness to buy into what the program is teaching you, the dedication to giving it all you can each time you set foot in the gym and the discipline to follow through with it.

That goes for this program as well as any others.



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