Random Friday Thoughts

Yesterday’s PT session for me was pretty awesome and also eye-opening. My PT was amazed with my progress, I mean from the time of the tear to now has been a little over 3 months and to be where I am at now is pretty damn good.

I also found out my external rotation of my shoulders is fucking horrible. I mean its bad. So that needs to be attacked before another injury happens. The last thing I want is rotator cuff surgery.

With my Therabands (that probably cost my insurance company 1000 dollars) I have been doing daily drills/prehab/stretching with them. The old me of warming up for 30 seconds by being the Love Boat social director at my gym is over. Now I am the Love Boat social director with bands in my hand. That has a nice ring to it.


When I was learning how to really lift, I trained at a PL gym where the first man to ever bench 1000 pounds was at. Gene Rychlak. In fact, I was a member of that gym when he did bench 1000 in York, PA. It was a very small gym, not many of us chose to lift there because it was above a machine shop, horrible parking, hot as shit and wasn’t pretty at all. This was in the late 90’s early 2000’s before everybody and their mother wanted a warehouse gym that looked “hardcore”.

One thing he told me was very simple.. he said when I am benching/squatting and deadlifting to move the bar fast with every rep. Treat the warmups as a max effort set. Meaning, you move the goddamn bar. I honestly didn’t know we needed terms to tell something that is common sense.

To get stronger, you need to move weight, and you need to generate power. You can be an idiot and grind out reps, or you can train your body to move weight fast. If you are moving the bar slow you are a bodybuilder, if you move it fast you are generating power.

F = MA

This is shit we learned in high school.

Force = mass x acceleration. If you paid attention and stopped staring at the ass of the chick in front of you in Physics class, you would know this basic formula applies to anything in this world that requires force.

Even to lifting and you don’t need a term to define it.


I went to my friend’s house tonight to see his new baby. Well the baby was sleeping but the dog was there.

Take a sweaty dude from the gym, post lifting tanning session so I am still covered in expensive guido-type lotion and combine that with a dog that is clinically nuts and you have a night where I am trying to run away from a dog who won’t stop trying to lick my leg to death.

Some call that annoying, I call it cardio.

Enjoy your weekend.


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2 thoughts on “Random Friday Thoughts

  1. I am also amazed with your progress! Not only did you keep hitting the gym but you continued posting your training progress despite the modifications. Happy to hear you are doing very well and your shoulder issue was caught in time. Ever moving forward!
    Even clinically nutty dogs deserve a treat one in a while…….ewwwww! LOL. Probably thought you were one of those sweet and salty bars.


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