Training day 06-27-2013

Today was volume lower body.

Set 1: 70 lbs × 12
Set 2: 70 lbs × 12
Set 3: 70 lbs × 12

Set 1: 270 lbs × 15
Set 2: 360 lbs × 15
Set 3: 450 lbs × 15
Set 4: 540 lbs × 15
Set 5: 540 lbs × 15
Set 6: 540 lbs × 15

Kept my feet high, close together and used slow controlled reps.

Set 1: 50 lbs × 12
Set 2: 50 lbs × 12
Set 3: 50 lbs x 12

Haven’t done any RDL’s in quite a while since the left arm was out of commission. I am confident I will feel these tomorrow in a major way.

Set 1: 135 lbs × 8
Set 2: 135 lbs × 8
Set 3: 135 lbs × 8

Gotta give these guys some major credit for developing equipment to build up strength in ways you never have felt before. This machine is nasty to use. Its humbling and its a true challenge.

Chances are your gym doesn’t have one, and I do feel bad for you. Luckily one of the two gyms I go to does.

This piece of equipment isn’t cheap at all and I am going to be using it once a week and we will see first hand what kind of results it give me when added in to my usual program.

Set 1: 140 lbs × 15
Set 2: 140 lbs × 15
Set 3: 140 lbs × 15

Prepping my lower back more for deadlifting soon. I have been tight in the lumbar area and when I used the Reverse Hyper in the past, my lower back has loosened up dramatically and alleviated pain. Kept it light today and really felt the stretch on this one.

Set 1: 25 lbs × 5
Set 2: 25 lbs × 5
Set 3: 25 lbs × 5

15 seconds on, 15 seconds off for sets of 5. These attack the rhomboids pretty damn hard.

Set 1: 150 lbs × 12
Set 2: 150 lbs × 12
Set 3: 150 lbs × 12

Solid workout, I am fucking driven to come back better than I ever was. Physique and with plates on the bar.


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2 thoughts on “Training day 06-27-2013

  1. Awesome to watch your progress man. Quick question, I feel like my deadlift form is complete garbage. I never really have any pain the next day though that says “yeah you fucked up”. Any videos you recommend that are good examples of a deadlift? It’s mainly when I start getting heavy

    1. if you want to look at good deadlift form videos, go to and look at the exercise database there. Avoid Youtube, you will find a plethora of shit in some good ones. You can also post your own video on the facebook group page and I can break it down there as well.


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