Healthy-ish food: Series 1 – Gluten free chicken and waffles

Who doesn’t like chicken and waffles?

I mean, really. Its fried chicken tenders and waffles together. Syrup is optional. You are combining two cheat meal greats into one dish of mouth insanity.

The mere thought of chicken and waffles pulls me into a fit where the only option is to eat it.

Enter a problem.

I am cleaning up my diet using a version of Paleo called Jayleo. Why Jayleo?

I like Peanut Butter, I like bacon (bacon is processed so don’t try that shit paleotards), I like gluten-free foods that taste like gluten because gluten is fucking tasty even if I am trying to avoid it. I like diet coke. I like breakfast sausage. I like shit that most Paleo people would kill my family for and I am ok with that.

So to apologies to Neanderthal man who ate mastodon shit, roots and dried up leaves, I am Jayleo. Because its gotta be that way.

So I got my food for the healthy-ish meal tonight.

2 pounds of chicken tenderloins, a box of gluten free waffles that DID say organic on the box. They may have been full of shit, but I don’t care. Almond meal (almond flour for the dopes) and some pepper. At home I already had sea salt, cayenne and paprika.

Now, when I cook, I don’t measure shit. I go by feel – just like my training. I am consistent in life.

I dumped some almond meal in a mixing bowl, added a little paprika, cayenne salt and pepper. Now I know how to spice food up and how much spice is too much. If you are kind of lost about that, look up a basic fried chicken recipe and scale the seasoning amounts to what you need for this meal. I like my food a little zingy without scorching my face.

I mixed them together well, you don’t want one piece of chicken to be a mess of cayenne and the other one to taste as bland as eating straight Paleo do you?

In another bowl I made an egg wash. Just 4 eggs cracked, beaten up.

In a frying pan I slapped down some extra virgin coconut oil, because coconut oil is good for you. Be sure its extra virgin or its NOT Jayleo.

Heat it up (clearly), dip the tenderloins in the egg wash, cover them well, flour them up and place gently in the pan. Throwing them in results in hot oil splashes. Not a fun time for your skin.

Cook them until done. I don’t time, I just know. I am not a chef, I don’t pretend to be one, I cook for my needs.

Toaster – waffles – press that lever down – wait – plate them. That part is easy and I am not trying to make homemade waffles and destroy my kitchen and have them taste like the Sahara desert.

The finished product looks straight like comfort food, but is healthy-ish.

Soul food for the health nut in you.
Soul food for the health nut in you.

And yes, I ate it all. Washed it down with a huge mug of club soda.

Try it, I have no idea what the macros are, you have to figure that out for yourself. But its high in protein, moderate in quality fat and high on the Jayleo food list.


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