The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

This post is baring my soul, well my drug soul.

I am one of the few strength coaches/trainers who will be upfront with you about my steroid usage, as mine is perfectly legal, most of the time.

If you read my progress pic blog, you see I posted a link to an article I wrote several years ago about my history with prohormones, now I am going to take it a step further.


Because I want to and, quite frankly, its a damn shame more coaches and lifters don’t. You can say “genetics isn’t everything, its hard work” but when your hard work is augmented by a gram of test a week, you pretty much chemically make it happen WITH that hard work.

This post won’t be well-read among everyone, but I don’t really care.

When I was 20 we didn’t have the internet to tell us about cycling. There was a local guy who sold shit and I got this from him:

  • Testosterone Cypionate
  • Anadrol
  • Dianabol

I didn’t know jack shit about taking it so I stacked all three for 12 weeks. Yes, all three for 12 weeks. I look back on that now and shudder. One because I was WAY too young to take anything and two most of us know that taking orals for an extended period of time is pretty much hell on your body.

I came off of that with some Nolvadex and HCG. At least then I was smart about it. Oh I did end up in the hospital shortly after this with blood clots in my kidney. I don’t know where that came from, but the coincidence pretty much made my decision for me that I wouldn’t be touching roids again.


Then came pro-hormones.

Of course I took them because they are over-the-counter and couldn’t be REAL roids.

Some worked great, some fizzled out.

The original Superdrol was the stuff of legends, that is one that worked so well it made me start to wonder what the hell this shit was.

I looked online, did my research AFTER the fact and saw what Superdrol really was.

Then I came off of that shit for good, not before taking nothing to combat the negative effects of what I took.

Enter crash mode.

For over two years I felt like hell. We all know the symptoms of low test and if you don’t, do some damn research of your own.

I had no insurance so getting bloodwork wasn’t going to happen and I wasn’t really that knowledgeable about testosterone enough to put two and two together.

When I finally got health insurance the first thing I did was go to a family doctor to have my testosterone panel checked.

The results came back one week later and her exact words to me were, “Have you ever done steroids?”

Me: “once plus a bunch of pro-hormones”

Doc: “you have the exact hormone profile of a steroid abuser”

There you have it, the early pro-hormones were technically abuse. Say what you will, my blood work was the proof.

I was on Androgel (a total waste) and have since been on injections ever since.

Right now I take 300mg a week of Test Cypionate as prescribed by an Urologist, monitored with bloodwork every few months. For me to take more would be foolish as it will throw my bloodwork off, raise a red flag and possibly fuck me for future insurance claims.

I have taken Deca to help with joint pain, but 150mg a week, which is a very small amount.

If I have peaked for a contest, I never once bumped up my dose because my health is far more important than numbers gotten from a spike in cycles.

Oh I could have a few times doing strongman and push/pulls. They don’t test and each contest was far enough away from a doctor appointment for me to get away with it. But why? For a couple hundred bucks, if that? I don’t want to take a risk like that when I know full well what I felt like when I took that risk earlier in life.

I specifically ask in my question sheet, of my clients, if they are on anything, I need to know. I don’t care if you are, but when you aren’t drug free you can handle a hell of a lot more volume than a guy who is drug free. If you say otherwise, you are full of shit.

This is why more gym lifters prefer 5/3/1 over Smolov. Lower volume for the average trainee, better results long term, less whipping of the ass and better recovery. When you introduce drugs into your system you increase recovery, you increase protein synthesis, you have more energy and you feel almost superhuman for a period of time. Think its not true? Do some research and talk to lifters who will be candid about it with you.

Now, I don’t care about drug use, I think its a part of this world whether you like it or not. I choose to be upfront about it and honest about it for my reasons.

Now I train my ass off, I have days when I push myself to near blackout and I am never that guy to judge anyone for using. Its a part of strength sports but I WILL be that guy to tell you that I am not natural and I am perfectly content with sharing it. I think most of us realize that its here to stay, but also realize that its going to be a factor in lifting success for some people. When you work your ass off and combine AAS, you will get stronger than if you don’t. Now… you have to make that decision if its worth it to you. There are side effects to taking too much, just like there are side effects from taking too many damn Advil. If that’s worth it to you, by all means go for it. If you don’t think its worth it, then don’t.

But for the love of god, if you use and compete in a drug-tested fed, you are a serious piece of shit.


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2 thoughts on “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

  1. Someone , somewhere, at some point is going to read this in order to make a choice to use steroids or not. Thanks for this will do nothing but good.

    1. I am not anti-steroid in any way, I am anti-steroid stupidity. I think that people who use it to replace hard work are fools. I think that people who think its a magic elixir are fools, and I also think that people who deny using them when they do are also fools. There is more to be gained by being upfront with people about it since it is a part of strength sports than there is to gain by lying about it.


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